Pemberton Museum Site


Pemberton Museum Site

The Pemberton and District Museum and Archives Society, in partnership with the Village of Pemberton, has a collection of artifacts and archives and permanent exhibitions on site. Come for a visit and learn about those who came before us in Pemberton and District.

The Miller (Shantz) House

Having walked into Pemberton from Vancouver about 1894, William Morgan Miller built this house. With much help from local residents, the society had it moved to the museum site; made available by the Village of Pemberton.

The Barney House

This building was built by Chief Eddy Thevarge for his wife Maria in 1920. When they moved to a new house, their daughter Agnes and her husband moved into the old home. Their four children were born here.

The Sam Jim House

This house was built by Sam Jim down along Lillooet Lake in 1929. Sam Jim was a builder and helped to build many of the settlers barns and homes throughout the valley. He lived in this house all his life.

The Purden Store

Originally a bunk house for the Pacific Salmon Commission workers for a project on the Birkenhead River. It was moved to the Purden farm in the 60s where it remained until facing demolition. It was renovated and turned into a display space.

The Soo Building

Soo BuildingThe Soo Building was constructed in 2002 with funding from the Soo Logging Coalition and local businesses.  The building serves as a multi-fuction room and is used for public and private events, museum exhibits associated with the history of logging and forest management, programming space and as a work shop when required.

The NEW Administration, Archives and Display Building

Admin Archives Display BldgThe New Administration, Archives and Display Building was constructed between 2007 and 2013.  Funding was provided by Heritage Canada, local government and local businesses.  The 2500 sqft space provides display space, office space and archive storage space.