General Videos Gallery

General Videos

Explore various videos from the Pemberton and District Museum and Archive Society.  Some of these videos are originals that were donated by the creators.  Other videos are copies that were donated and converted into a digital format so we could share them with our members. 

The series of five videos titled "About Pemberton" were created for promotional purposes during the 2010 Olympic Games and were donated by Shirley Henry.

The movies "Snow Trax 01 and 02" were provided by Tourism Pemberton.

"About the Pemberton Museum" was provided by Jacob Gish of Shaw TV.

"Charlie Mack Steaming a Cedar Canoe" was filmed by anthropologist Dorothy Kennedy and Randy Bouchard, and produced by the BC Royal Museum.  A copy was donated to the museum and coverted to digital format.  See this link for more information about this video provided by Dorothy Kennedy.

"Pemberton 1957" was an Alan King documentary produced by the CBC in 1957.  A copy of the movie was donated and converted to digital format.

"Tea & Tales" is a museum program that runs for seven weeks each summer.  Every Tuesday from 2-4pm during July and August the museum hosts an afternoon tea and local residents and special visitors present a tale on various topics relating to Pemberton's History.  The videos are collected for the museum archive and shared here on the website.