Whitehead, Eleanor

Baseball Mitts

Baseball Mitts

Baseball Mitts


These are three baseball mitts in varying size, color and brand. a)this is a baseball mitt with the makers mark "Louisville Slugger, Made in Korea" and "Hillerich &Bradsby". It has the name J.Mohs written on it as well as some stamp inside the mitt was used by Jerry Mohs ca.1960-1970s. b) This is a baseball mitt with the makers mark "Magnum,10 DR, Daignutt Hullond, Montreal Canada". Used by Jerry Mohs ca.1960-1970s. c) This is a baseball mitt with maker's mark "Spalding, Competition 5." used by Jerry Mohs ca. 1960-1970s. They belonged to Jerry Mohs of Pemberton who was a volunteer coach for local hockey and baseball teams. Eleanor, his sister, donated the items to the museum at his memorial in June 2016.


Baseball, Mitts, Baseball mitts


Whitehead, Eleanor

Date of Object:

ca. 1970

Accession #:



a) 34cm L x 23cm W x 7cm H b) 37cm L x 24cm W x 5cm H c) 33cm L x 21cm W

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