Welsh, Linda (nee Priest) (Ronayne)

Legion cap and service pin

Legion cap and service pin

Legion cap and service pin


Legion cap a) and service pin b) donated by Linda Welsh (nee Priest) that once belonged to her father, Bob Priest. His parents were Walter James Priest and Margaret Alice Priest (nee Griffin). He worked for Union Steamship in Squamish, then enlisted and then was released from service when the war ended. He also took pharmacist studies at UBC and opened a pharmacy in Pemberton in 1964. The Legion cap a) is black with an orange-pink under layer and on the top of the cap has the Legion logo titled "Memorium, Eorum, Retineeimus" around it and has the "Legion" name on a blue ribbon. The logo design depicts a king's crown on top, maple leaf in a white center, and poppies below the blue ribbon. Colours are red, white, blue, and gold. The service pin b) is also the Legion logo but with a number "35" in the center.


Clothing, accessory, personal artifacts


Welsh, Linda (nee Priest) (Ronayne)

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a) Diameter 70cm, 4cm H, b) 2.1cm L X 1.2cm W

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