Walker, George Raymond

Bullet Mold

Bullet Mold

Bullet Mold


Found at Port Pemberton site. Like many items found by Walker & Reid, thought to date from the period of the Gold Rush traffic through this district. The steel mold is rusted and has a crack in one of the wooden handles. Apparently a projection possibly similar to that on the right is missing on the left. After further research, it is believed that this is a "Winchester" bullet mold for a rifle. The handles are walnut, and the metal cast is iron. The maker's mark is no longer visible. Research indicates that it is from 1870's-1880's. The mold is still in perfect condition, grooves still intact.


bullet mold, hunting


Walker, George Raymond

Date of Object:

ca. 1870-1880

Accession #:



Schantz house display case


25 cm L x 7 cm W x 3 cm H

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