Summerskill, Teresa (nee Lokken)

semi circular stone, Lil'wat

semi circular stone, Lil'wat

semi circular stone, Lil'wat


[This item was repatriated to Lil'wat Nation Nov 22, 2019]. Half moon shape, grey granite stone; flat on bottom, rounded on top; Used by the natives for ? [2019 update] Lil'wat multipurpose stone tool. Made from granite, half-moon or 'C' shape. Crescent stone used for flaking arrow heads or as a hammer stone. Sometimes the inside is used as a scraper to smooth the wood of bows and shafts of arrows.


hammer, scraper, archaeological, Lil'wat, indigenous


Summerskill, Teresa (Nee Lokken)

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16.5 cm L x 11.5 cm W x 15 cm H 15 cm Dia.

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