Streloff, Robert

stone tool, N'quatqua

stone tool, N'quatqua

stone tool, N'quatqua


Generally circular and tapered, this tool lacks a 7 cm section extending up from the base along the tapered length. Recent slight markings were made by a shovel 2.5 cm. from the base the maker cut a fine groove. On a smaller scale, the tool resembles a net weight (983.58.1) used in fishing nets as identified by Lillooet Indians. Mary James says the tool would have had as many as four uses, such as maul, hammer,club, net weight, and grinder.[update 2019] Item was found by R. Streloff of Birken B.C. at DL 1250 Lot 1. A bird face is carved into small end on one side. Net weights are also called anchors and sinker stones. An anchor stone held down one end of an outstretched gillnet while sinker stones on the lower edge kept the net hanging vertically. Information from "Stone, Bone, Antler and Shell" by Hillary Stewart, 1996 - shared by Johnny Jones. Johnny believes it could also have been used as a stone club in war or as a hammer stone.


fishing, equipment, net, club, hammer, archaeological, N'quatqua, indigenous


Streloff, Robert

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L 23 cm. Diameter of base 5 cm.

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