Streloff, Robert

hammer stone, N'quatqua

hammer stone, N'quatqua

hammer stone, N'quatqua


This tool resembles a small pillow in shape . On both ends, both top and bottom, are small uniform sections which have either been chipped or worn. The tool tapers uniformly from its middle to the flattened ends. Barbara Streloff, of Birken BC, dug up the tool as she was working in her garden. See Heritage record #3, B. C. M. A.: Archaeological Data Recording Guide. [update 2019] Hammerstones were a multipurpose tool with a wide range of functions. Though employed in their natural state, they became modified with use, thus making them recognizable as tools. The varying sizes and shapes of hammerstones often help to identify their functions, as do wear patterns. [from "Stone, Bone, Antler and Shell" by Hilary Stewart, 1996 - shared by Johnny Jones]. This hammerstone has signs of wear on both ends.


hammer, archaeological, N'quatqua, indigenous


Streloff, Robert

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19 cm L x 8.5 cm w x 3.5 cm H

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