Streloff, Brent

Large Metal Block

Large Metal Block

Large Metal Block


This large steel block (pulley) is rusted and made of metal. There is a U-shaped piece of metal at the top of this block which is attached to two pieces of semi heart shaped metal by two pins (one on each end of the U). Near the bottom of the two semi-heart shaped pieces of metal are two octagonal holes (one in each piece of metal). There is an axle put through the holes which hold the pulley between the two pieces of metal and let it turn freely. The metal is in poor condition and bears inscription [barely visible], "Rope master K No. 110R Patents Pending". History: the block dates possibly from the time of Andy Devine (World War II period or later). Recently found by 11 year old Brent when he was looking for mushrooms up the Blackwater road above Oberson's.


block and tackle, logging equipment


Streloff, Brent

Date of Object:

ca. 1940

Accession #:



43 cm L x 27 cm W x 14 cm H

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