Signal Hill Elementary School

"Sing For Christmas"

"Sing For Christmas"

"Sing For Christmas"


A hardcover picture book that is cream (front) and pale blue and white (back) in colour with an illustration on the front of two men playing a clarinet (top left) and the other is playing a cello (bottom left). There are also three girls singing while one is holding a book, as well there is a christmas tree (behind), and three birds (left) flying in the background. On the back there is another illustration of a flower oval patterned border with two flowers in the center (having the colours blue, pale/dark green, yellow, orange, light/dark brown, light/dark gray, pink, and apricot) titled "Sing For Christmas" by Opal Wheeler. It was published by E. P. Dutton and Company, Incorporated, New York. 1943. 127 pages.




Signal Hill Elementary School

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29.1cm L X 21.2cm W

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