Signal Hill Elementary School Mrs. Cameron's Gr. 1-2 class

"Covid-19" time capsule

"COVID-19" time capsule

"COVID-19" time capsule


A time capsule donated by Mrs. Cameron's Grade 1-2 Signal Hill Elementary class for the COVID-19 pandemic. a) is a hand-painted box that shows a rock-climbing figure in a sunset-like background that has the message "We Keep Each other Supported", along with the front side of the box that's titled "Connection" and "The Pandemic of 2020" with the planet Earth painted on both sides. Colours used are black, orange, yellow, and red. b) is a red duotang that reads "Stay Connected", "Stick Together", and "Thoughts from the Gr. 1s and 2s at Signal Hill" of June 2020. Inside the duotang has various drawings and written pieces about COVID-19. c) is a hand-drawn card printed with a rabbit and a mountain landscape background made by one of the Grade 2 students. The card itself reads about the time capsule and about spreading a positive message during the difficult times with COVID-19. d) has five different objects kept inside the box, with one being a Dubble Bubble gum taped on a message "Wash hands before treats". The other objects include a rock that reads "We spread love with painted stones", an elastic band with "Being flexible and celebrate at home", a flange metal piece reading "Staying in our own social circle." and "But stay connected" taped on the top and bottom, two paper clips attached taped with "2 Meter Distance", and lastly a blue flower that has wilted and broken apart.


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Signal Hill Elementary School Mrs. Cameron's Gr. 1-2 class

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a) 53cm L X 29.5 W X 11cm H, b) 28.9cm L X 22.2cm W, c) 14.8cm L X 11cm W, d) bubblegum: 4cm L X 2.9cm W, rock: 5cm L X 4.2cm W, flange: 20cm Circ. X 6.9cm H, paperclips: 4.4cm L X 1cm W

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