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chopping tool (stone), Lil'wat

chopping tool (stone), Lil'wat


[This item was repatriated to Lil'wat Nation Nov 22, 2019]. Cobble spall chopping tool identified at UBC Museum of Anthropology. Reddish brown. Age: may be between 300 and 3000 years old [update 2019] Location where item was found by Fougberg is unknown. [Update 2019] The cobble spall tool was simple to make and handy for many tasks that involved cutting, scraping or digging. Johnny Jones sent a reference from page 348 of James Teit's "Journal of American Folklore", which explains a "Thunder arrowhead". [footnote reads] "A thunder arrowhead is fired by the Thunder. Most are simply large pieces of arrow-stone, generally blocked off more or less, so that they somewhat resemble a spear-head or an arrow-head of huge size". Johnny Jones says the object is associated with the Haitlo'laux (Grizzly Clan) and shares pg. 348 from Journal of American Folk-lore by James Teit, "when he came out of the [sweat] house, he was at once changed to resemble a Hailo'laux with much red hair all over his body. The hair of his head also assumed a red colour".].

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