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Baseball Mitts

Baseball Mitts


These are three baseball mitts in varying size, color and brand. a)this is a baseball mitt with the makers mark "Louisville Slugger, Made in Korea" and "Hillerich &Bradsby". It has the name J.Mohs written on it as well as some stamp inside the mitt was used by Jerry Mohs ca.1960-1970s. b) This is a baseball mitt with the makers mark "Magnum,10 DR, Daignutt Hullond, Montreal Canada". Used by Jerry Mohs ca.1960-1970s. c) This is a baseball mitt with maker's mark "Spalding, Competition 5." used by Jerry Mohs ca. 1960-1970s. They belonged to Jerry Mohs of Pemberton who was a volunteer coach for local hockey and baseball teams. Eleanor, his sister, donated the items to the museum at his memorial in June 2016.

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