Priest, Bob (Robert)

leather gloves

leather gloves

leather gloves


This item is a pair of beige coloured leather cowboy gloves. They were hand sewn with a fringe part way down one side. Main construction was done with a sewing machine. Decorated with small blue and white beads and silver stars. There are two horse and riders embroidered on the back in purple, gold, blue, green. There are 4 blue flowers and three green leaves and stems. The long cuffs are stiffened with lining. These gloves are in good condition. Possibly made by a Mount Currie Indian.


clothing, textiles


Priest, Pat (Mrs. Bob Priest)

Date of Object:

ca. 1900-1940

Accession #:



New building upstairs


a) 36 cm L x 22 cm W // b) 36 cm L x 22 cm W

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