Priest, Bob (Robert)

carving (b)

carving (b)

carving (b)


A series of First Nation's carvings. Donated to the museum by Bob and Pat Priest via Linda Welsh. This is item "b" of 014.17.01abcd. It is a carving of an eagle head at one end with claw at the other. The wood is lighter than the other carvings. It appears to be some sort of backscratcher. It has a leather strap at the head end where it can be hung. There is no signature or inscription. Pat Priest believes this item came from the Haida Gwaii area but isn't sure of origin.


carving, native artifacts, Haidi Gwaii, indigenous


Priest, Bob and Pat

Date of Object:

ca. 1980

Accession #:



New building upstairs


55 cm L x 7 cm Circ.

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