Perkins, June (Mrs. Phillip) (nee Spetch)

Metal Paper Holder

Metal Paper Holder

Metal Paper Holder


Basic overall shape of rusted metal holder, a triangle with a rounded bottom. Top Half : (in length) roughly triangular with decorative "beaks" projecting near the top of each side. A round hole near the top allows hanging on a wall; nearly triangular opening close to bottom of this half of holder has above it the inscription "keep". Bottom Half: round with scalloped edges, it has cut outs which produce a six pointed star; above star. Inscription reads "Pat. Oct. 13,'03". Back of the holder: it has sharp pointed and curved spike in which to impale papers. Mrs. Perkins found the holder in Axel Johnson's blacksmith shop which the Perkins' bought and moved to their home property.


holder, office equipment


Perkins, June (Mrs. Phillip) (nee Spetch)

Date of Object:

ca. 1914-1940

Accession #:



12.5 cm L x 7 cm W x 4 cm H

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