Miller, Morgan

Blower for Forge

Blower for Forge

Blower for Forge


a) This is a blower for a forge on a stand. With the exception of the handle it is completely metal. If one were to turn the handle a fan would blow air through a pipe to a forge. It is very rusted. Inscription- "Champion Blower and Forge Co., Lancaster, PA.,U.S A., Patented April 16, 1902, June 11, July 30, 1901. See Hudson's Bay 1910-1911 catalogue p206. b) The second blower apparatus reads "Champion Blower & Forge Co., Lancaster, PA., USA" - casing also reads "400". Both blowers are the same dimension.


blower, blacksmith equipment


Miller, Morgan

Date of Object:

ca. 1910

Accession #:



61 cm L x 61 cm W x 118 cm H

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