Mercer, Betty

Nurses uniform

Nurses uniform

Nurses uniform


a) A white nurses uniform that belonged to Betty's mother-in-law, Dorelia Mercer. The uniform used to have the colour blue underneath the "bib" part to indicate a trainee, however, since it was during the war times, white was the only option to use as the fabric colour instead of blue. White bibs were typically for R.N.'s (Graduated Registered Nurses). The wide belt is held together with seven safety pins, while the bib also has pins that holds onto the apron. b) is the unstitched collar part that goes with the uniform and nurses used Kleenex underneath so that their necks would not rub against it to become raw. The collar has been marked with the number "32b" and initials of "R.V.H." c) and d) are both nurse hats, with one being starched, ironed, folded, and pinned, while the other one is not folded or pinned. c) is marked also with the number "32b" and d) is marked with a different number of "337". The uniform with the three other pieces was used in the Royal Columbian Hospital between the years 1945-1947. The material is possibly made out of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.


uniform, clothing


Mercer, Betty

Date of Object:

ca. 1945-1947

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a) 103.5cm L X 31cm W, b) 8.2cm L X 38.3cm W, c) and d) 29.2cm L X 32.5cm W

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