Menzel, Bob

Leg Hold Traps (1)

Leg Hold Traps

Leg Hold Traps


This is a batch of traps. There are ten size 2's and 1 size " 3". One is a "stop loss". When a muskrat, mink or water animal would chew its leg off, the "stop loss" trap had a secondary bar which would still hold the animal. The traps are rusted but most are still useable . a) Three size 2 traps with teeth. b) Six size 2 traps without teeth, c) one size 2 with stop loss feature, d) One size 3. History: when Bob Menzel took over John Arn's trap line he acquired these and other traps. Arn's line ran up Railroad Pass (now referred to as "the Hurley') and into the Bridge River. Menzel used these traps but no longer uses the leg hold style. [Update 2013 from Bob Menzel]: The Menzel trap line included Both Arn's and Henry Erickson's trap line. The trap lines included Hurley and Upper Valley - John Arn worked Headquarter Creek and Cristi Creek (now Hilliby). Over the Hurley was worked by Andy Anderson and Henry Erickson. The treadle plates have a "V" which stands for "Victor" brand which was a common type of Trap. Item C may be a Newhouse brand which Bob says was a better trap.


trap, hunting


Menzel, Bob

Date of Object:

ca. 1910

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a) 81 cm L x 10 cm W x 7 cm H, b) 90 cm L x 11cm W x 7 cm H, c) 80 cm L x 11 cm W x 9 cm H, d) 129 cm L x 14 cm W x 10 cm H

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