McLeod, Brenda (Mrs. Geoff) (nee Ayers)


Dresden Plate Quilt

Dresden Plate Quilt


a. An unfinished plate/prairie flower quilt topper made in the 1930s. The quilt was made by Mary Ellen (Cairns) Smith of Sanctuary Saskatchewan. Mary Ellen Smith was Brenda (Ayers) McLeod's grandmother. Brenda got this quilt from her mother Marion (Smith) Ayers, who told her about how every detail on the flowers represented a dress made by Mary Ellen Smith; Special occasions, baby showers, weddings and the harvest picnic. The quilt topper itself is made up of a hand sewn top and a purple backing. The quilt also has twelve prairie flowers on the white background and a purple sheet for the backing. The two are separate. The quilt has a purple patch missing from the front and is held together with a safety pin. It has a couple stains on the boarder along with orange stains on the white part. The edges are very worn and are fraying. b. A large piece of purple fabric that goes along with the quilt. The ends are faded and frayed.


quilt, Dresden, Dresden plate, prairie flower


McLeod, Brenda (Mrs. Jeff)(nee Ayers)

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a. 196 cm L x 156 cm W b. 368 cm L x 114 W

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