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cookie stencils

cookie stencils

cookie stencils


a) A rectangular wooden cookie stencil with six depictions. The depictions are of birds, cherries and a cross. b) A circular wood cookie stencil depicting a woman in a dress and a bonnet and a chicken. c) A round stone cookie stencil with a short handle depicting an unknown animal possibly a rhinoceros. The items belong to Allen McEwan's grandmother and grandfather, Bertha (nee. Collins) and Morgan Miller. Jean McEwan, Allen's mother, put the donation box together.


housewares, kitchen


McEwan, Tonette

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a) 15.5 cm L x 8.5 cm W x 1 cm H b) 7.5 cm dia. x 25 cm circ. x 1 cm H c) 4.5 cm dia. x 16 cm circ. x 4 cm H

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