McClean, Arlene

"Blundell" Baseball Team t-shirt(s)

"Blundell" Baseball Team t-shirt(s)

"Blundell" Baseball Team t-shirt(s)


"Blundell Logging" Baseball Team t-shirt donated by Arlene McClean. It was manufactured by Alpha Sportswear LTD., Vancouver, British Columbia. The name of the team "Blundell" came from Ron Blundell who was a successful logger in Pemberton. Ron came to Pemberton from Duncan B.C. to drive truck and work for Perkins Logging. He then worked at Evan's Mill, then got a contract with Squamish Mills and eventually Interfor. He sponsored the local women's baseball team. The shirts are light blue, black, and white in colour and they range from sizes large, medium, and small. They were more likely made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton. The caption "Blundell" are on the front of the shirts in bold, black lettering, and has numbers printed on the back with fabric tape. This photo of 020.10.08 with the number "16" is one example of the "Blundell" Baseball Team t-shirts, as they are all identical to each other except the numbers.




McClean, Arlene

Date of Object:

ca. 1970s - 1980s

Accession #:

020.10.08 - 020.10.13


(020.10.08) 61.7cm L X 44.7cm W, (020.10.09-020.10.12) 61.7cm L X 44cm W, (020.10.13) 59.7cm L X 41.1cm W

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