King, Rick

Camera Case and Contents

Camera Case and Contents

Camera Case and Contents


Camera Case, leather with broken zipper. Contents include: a) Tiffen Portrait Lens Chart [1pg.], Hanimex Light Meter with case, "Made in Japan" [5cmW x 8cm L], c) Light Meter with case, "43487" scratched onto surface [4.5cm W x 5.5 cm L], d) "Lithagon Lenses for Argus C-4" manual, [13pg.], e) "Brownie Hawkeye Camera instructions" [26pg - back page is torn],f) "Argus C4 Manual" [21pg], g) "The Argus 35mm Guide and Reference Book" [128pg], h) Brown and Hughes picture frame, i) Light Meter "Weston Elec Inst. Corp" with case [10cmL x 5cm W], j)"Royal Coated Close Up Lenses for all Films" inside box with flashbulb, k) "Kodachrome-X film for colour slides" [1pg], l) "Tiffen Special Adaptor Rings for Movie Cameras" [1pg.], m) "Comparison Table of Speed Systems for photographic materials" [1pg], n) "Anscochrome high-speed E.I. .32 Wallet Exposure Guide [1pg.], o) "Ednalite precision optical glass filter" [6cm W x 7cm L], p) "Chess-United Precision Filter Adaptor Series V" [4.5 cm square], q) "Ednalite" red lens with case [5cm Square], r) "Photar Tiffen photographic filter [6cm square], s) "All purpose Tiffen - Series #6 - Adaptor Ring" [5.5cm square], t) "All purpose Tiffen - Series #6 - lens shade [6cm square], u) "Waltz Filter" - yellow filter, v) leather case . This case and contents belonged to Rick King's father.


camera, Photography Equipment


King, Rick

Date of Object:

ca. 1950

Accession #:



v) 28 cm L x 20 cm W x 16.5 cm

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