Jones, Johnny

dugout canoe, Lil'wat Nation

dugout canoe, Lil'wat Nation

dugout canoe, Lil'wat Nation


One dug out canoe found on the upper Lillooet River. Two local men walked across the ice in winter to go hunting and found the canoe under an overhang of rock and it was filled with ice. It was thawed at Bruce Miller's and taken to the museum. Florence Bilenduke remembers it was Bob Mitchell that dropped it off and he didn't sign a gift form as the item was found. Johnny Jones - Lil'wat cultural technician with the Land & Resource office, has provided information about the canoe. It was marking a spot where there were rock paintings and he believes it is quite old due to the thinness of the canoe. Johnny says modern made canoes tend to be thicker walled as it requires a high level of skill and craftsmanship to get the walls so thin. Johnny provided some information about Lil'wat traditions and a map that indicates where the canoe was found on the river. The canoe belonged to Chief Johnny Andrew of Lil'wat Nation.


canoe, dugout, cedar, transportation, native artifacts, Lil'wat, indigenous


Jones, Johnny [Yeq'iakwa7]/ Bob Mitchell

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365.76 L x 50.8 W, 24" H

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