Ireland, Wendy

printers mat/flong

printers mat/flong

printers mat/flong


A printer's mat from The Daily Province newspaper. It's headline reads "disposal of the $250,000 stock of Weiler Bros. Limited, Victoria". The date on the printer's mat reads "Wednesday October 22, 1924". A picture on the mat of two heads with no faces looking away from each other. the picture under the headline is of a man in his store reaching over to something. There are chairs and stools in the back. The boarder is thicker on the left side. Wendy Ireland found this in her wall while doing renovations to her house, which used to be owned by the Gimse family. Also known a flong or stereo mold, used as a mold to create a lead stereoplate during stereotyping.




Ireland, Wendy

Date of Object:

October 22, 1924

Accession #:



56 cm L x 48 cm W

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