Henry, George

Boat Motor

Boat Motor

Boat Motor


This is an opposed Evinrude twin motor that was used to power the long boat from 29 Mile to Lillooet Lake head. It has been mounted on a stand with wheels to make transportation easier. It was in use from approximately 1930 until mid 1950's. Before the power line to Harrison Lake was built, this was the only access. The boat hauled people and supplies up and down the lake. Sonny Taylor drove this boat. The motor was rescued by Jim Decker. The longboat was last seen in the 80's when it was buried in the Ure Creek debris torrent. Jim Decker gave it to George Henry who stored it before donating it to the Museum.


motor, transportation


Henry, George

Date of Object:

c. 1930's

Accession #:



New building downstairs


114 cm L x 60 cm W x 48 cm H

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