Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)





This pitman for a mower has a worn wooden shaft with steel attachments at both ends; at one end identical slightly inward curving steel pieces project below the wooden shaft and are riveted to it, one on each side. Each piece has an oblong opening, one exactly opposite the other, these fit over a knob on the mower blade. At its other end the wooden shaft has a steel plate riveted to it; riveted to that is a round device of steel with a central opening to fit over a round steel shaft of the mower. Condition: much rusted. Belonged to Jake Lokken's mower: when Lokken's grandson sold the farm he left several farm artifacts with the Fougbergs.


mower, farm equipment


Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Date of Object:

ca. 1912-1940

Accession #:



104 cm L x 10 cm W x 8 cm H

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