Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Mouldboard Plough

Mouldboard Plough

Mouldboard Plough


Horse drawn mold board plough lacks frame. Has three main parts: 1) steel fin to cut the soil vertically. 2) steel plough share (at base), pointed in front, sheared off at right angle in rear. Share cuts horizontally. 3) mold board, rusted curved iron plate to receive soil cut loose and turn it over. Condition: rusted and lacking a frame. The late Jake Lokken used it. When his grandson Don Summerskill, sold the farm he left the plough at Fougberg's.


plough, farm equipment


Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Date of Object:

ca. 1912-1940

Accession #:



94 cm L x 41 cm W x 37 cm H

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