Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

horse drawn cultivator

horse drawn cultivator

horse drawn cultivator


Horse drawn cultivator for row crops, mainly of steel with wooden handles. Shape, roughly triangular, with apex at wheel. Main parts are: 1) A heavy central steel bar, paralleling the ground, to which all other parts are bolted: near wheel it has a upturned section for attachment single tree to which a horse is hitched 2) wooden handles for use in guiding cultivator. 3) outer framework: on each side a heavy steel bar parallel to the central bar and having 5 reversible teeth bolted on at regular intervals. 4) 2 adjustment devices: (a) a wire activated by a handle between 2 narrow steel bars to regulate wheel depth. (b) a second wire also between narrow steel bars which controlled width of outer framework and so adjusted that to varying widths of rows. 5) the wheel. Used at Skookumchuck Indian Reserve.


Farm Equipment, cultivator


Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Date of Object:

ca. 1910

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L 140 W 30 cm

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