Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

hand maul, Lil'wat

hand maul, Lil'wat

hand maul, Lil'wat


[This item was repatriated to Lil'wat Nation Nov 22, 2019]. Granite hand maul. Column, flat topped. Below the top a slight bulge tapers to an area for gripping. Below that the column flares gradually to a base wider than the top. History: About 1950, ploughing a field belonging to Nelson Fraser, Mr. Fougberg found the maul in two sections. Later someone glued the parts together. In 1956 Mrs. Fraser gave the maul to the finder. [Update 2019] Hand mauls are almost exclusive to the indigenous people of the southern coast. The hand maul required hard stone not prone to cracking or chipping; it was used to pound wedges into a cedar log to split off planks, as well as for other woodworking requirements. The maul was made by pecking and grinding techniques. A stone of suitable size and material was selected, pecked to the required shape, ground smooth, then polished with a piece of oiled hide. [See publication "Stone, Bone, Antler & Shell" by Hilary Stewart, 1996 - shared by Johnny Jones].


hammer, archaeological, Lil'wat, indigenous


Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

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37 cm base Dia. x 21.5 cm top Dia. x 18.5 cm H

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