Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Fragment of Cup

Fragment of Cup

Fragment of Cup


The cup was whole when found, but has been broken since. It was made of fairly heavy white china with no decoration. Condition: February 14, 1984 - Fougberg mended the cup. In 1947, T. Fougberg found the cup in the earth of an old root house on land he has since sold to Harold Pipe, land adjoining the present A. Staehli farm. About 1915, a relative of George Groat, (? ) Studebaker lived on the land and his child may have been the owner of the cup.


cup, household equipment - tableware


Fougberg, Thord B.M. (Slim)

Date of Object:

ca. 1915

Accession #:



5.5 cm Dia., 2.5 cm Dia.

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