Collins, Mrs. George

large cedar root basket

large cedar root basket

large cedar root basket


Description-rectangular, brown, made of cedar roots. On the basket there is a floral design one on all sides which is made of wild cherry bark and canary grass. There is one side that suffered major damage and is not repairable. The basket is generally brittle. History- Made in the 1940's by Rose Skuki [nee Ward] of Lytton Nation [TlkemchEEn Nation]; in 1987 it was brought to Margaret Lester for repair. Mrs. Lester found it too brittle to work with. The artist, Mrs. Rose Skuki [nee Ward] of Lytton BC, was a noted basket maker. She took commissions from many people to make various baskets. She sold me that particular basket in the 1950's. She died at age 91. [See document file 987.37.01 for more information about Rose Skuki] [Description update Oct 2021, as per John Haugen, Council Member Lytton First Nations - The basket that is attributed to Rose Skuki is incorrect. John knew Rosie Skuki from when he was a child. She made many baskets but not this one. It is actually made by her husband's cousin: Christina James from North Bend, B.C. John says he has a photo of Christina and her two daughters and they have three of Christina James baskets in their collection.]


basket, cedar, basketry, native artifacts, Rose Skuki, Christina James, John Haugen, Lytton Nation, TlkemchEEn Nation, indigenous


Collins, Mrs. George

Date of Object:

ca. 1940

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L121.5 cm W 13 cm H 21 cm.

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