Collins, Grace (nee Gordon)

horse harness

horse harness

horse harness


An antique horse harness donated by Grace Collins and it belonged to her mother, Eve Gordon. The harness is typical of the type of harness that would be used with the carriage. The harness has four pieces that would be used to attach the horse to the wagon. a) Bit, Bit strap, Noseband, Blind, Head Crown and Traces. b) Belly band and Connectors. c) Collar and back band. d) Connecting strap (1'' width). e) Connecting strap (.5'' width).


tack, domestic animals


Collins, Grace (nee Gordon)

Date of Object:

ca. 1950s

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a) 668cm L X 33.02cm W, 10.16cm H, b) 218cm L X 40.64cm W, 7.62cm H, c) 121.92cm L X 43.18 W X 7.62 H, d) 116.84cm L X 2.54 W and H, e) 142.24cm L X 1.27 W and H

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