Chevrette, Katrina

first aid kit

first aid kit

first aid kit


A metal first aid kit that is white in colour a) titled "First Aid- Safety Supply Company - British Columbia No. 1 Kit" on the front and it was donated by Katrina Chevrette. It was found on the McEwan farm. It was manufactured by the Safety Supply Company brand in Vancouver, Victoria, British Columbia. It was shown on a printed label inside the kit, which also describes some of the packet content that is required from each branded kit (No. 01 kit, No. 1., No. 2). The first aid kit comes with a Sentinel Instructions pamphlet, two Hand Cleaners and Gauze Sponges in a packet b) and c), three Adhesive Dressings d), e), and f), one 2" Compress Bandage and one 4" g) and h), one Burn Treatment i), one Compressed Gauze j), one Triangular Bandage k), one Adhesive Tape and Roller Bandage l), one Antiseptic m), two Sterile Eye Pads and Adhesive Eye Strips along with Ophthalmic Ointment n), one Sucrets Sore Throat Lozenges tin with a small pill wrapped up in plastic o), one Red Bird small matches box p), and one pair of scissors and tweezers q) and r). The kit is wrapped up in duct tape on the back. It also has a strong, tangy odor when opened.


first aid kit, Medical Supplies


Chevrette, Katrina

Date of Object:

ca. 1950s - 1960s

Accession #:



a) 23cm L X 16.5cm W X 16cm H, b) - n) 9.5cm L X 5.5cm W, o) 7.9cm L X 6cm W, p) 5cm L X 3.4cm W, q) 8.5cm L X 0.7cm W, r) 8.2cm L X 0.4cm W

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