Burt, Greg

post office alarm till

post office alarm till

post office alarm till


Description-Rectangular, brown and wooden. It has three trays inside which would have held money. Two of the trays are fixed while one can be removed from the till. There is a small alarm bell inside the till which is non functional. There is also a top to the till which is cracked and unfinished with an inscription which reads "Trade Mark Tucker Alarm Till Tucker & Dorsey MFG Co Indianapolis U.S.A. 503" History-In 1968 the first post office building was opened. Previously the Post Office had occupied a small space in the store adjoining the new .premises. Ben Cherry retired in 1968 as postmaster. We can assume he removed the till then probably discarded, from the office where he had served: The Burts found it in the garage of the house Cherry had owned.




Burt, Greg

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L 42 cm W 47.5 cm H 13.5 cm

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