Burden, Laura

three glass bottles

three glass bottles

three glass bottles


Three glass bottles with two of them hand painted by Teresa Summerskill and they were donated by Laura Burden. a) is a bocksbeutel green glass bottle that has a cork inside and a small corkscrew. On the front has flowers painted on, while a dot-like pattern is surrounding the illustration piece. The bottom of the bottle reads "750 ml". The colours used have orange, white, and green tinges. b) is an alsace brown glass bottle with a landscape illustration of a cabin in a wilderness setting. The illustration was painted white. c) is a small plain clear glass bottle with a star-like pattern on the sides, possibly compressed slightly to use your fingers when handling. Judging by the shape of the bottle, it could have been used either for essential oils/other natural products or might have been a cosmetic bottle. For donor biography see description for 021.10.01.


Bottles, Art objects


Burden, Laura

Date of Object:

ca. 1970s - 1980s

Accession #:



a) 37.7cm Circ. X 19.7cm H, b) 24.1cm Circ. X 31.5cm H, c) 12.1cm Circ. X 7.2cm H

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