Burden, Laura

painted wooden disc

painted wooden disc

painted wooden disc


A hand painted wooden disc that was painted by Teresa Summerskill and it was donated by Laura Burden. The cartoon illustration has a boy (left) wearing a hat with a flower and a bunad suit and a girl (right) wearing a hat with a ribbon and a bunad dress. Both of them are holding hands while facing sideways, and there is a floral pattern surrounding the pair. The "bunad" era of fashion is traditional Norwegian fashion dating back from the 1700s, in which the main purpose of wearing it was to preserve the way people dressed for festive occasions in one particular era. It is a mix between traditional rural clothes and as well modern 20th-century folk costumes. The name "bunard" refers only to clothes designed in the early 20th century that are loosely based on traditional costumes. The colours of the illustration have red, blue, white, and browns tinges. For donor biography see description for 021.10.01.


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Burden, Laura

Date of Object:

ca. 1930s - 1940s

Accession #:



71.3cm Circ. X Dia. 22.6cm

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