Burden, Laura

HS Waffelbackerei rosette wafter iron box

HS Waffelbackerei rosette wafter iron box

HS Waffelbackerei rosette wafter iron box


A blue, red, and white HS Waffelbackerei rosette wafter iron box a) that comes with four other rosette iron pieces that was probably used by Teresa Summerskill and it was donated by Laura Burden. b) is a red iron handle attached with a thin metal rod at the bottom, c) is a flower-cookie shaped iron piece, d) is a butterfly shaped cookie iron piece, and e) is a star shaped cookie iron piece. The box also comes with a hand written note and a recipe for making Rosette Bakkels, in which at the bottom refers to the recipe being referenced from "The Complete Scandinavian Cook Book" by Alice B. Johnson. The rosette iron set would be used to make cookie-like desserts, and that the origin descent is from Norway. The name "rosetbakkelser", also comes from Norway. Aside from being used in traditional aspects within Norway and Germany, the cooking technique is used in many other cultures. The brand name, Waffelbackerei, is a west german company, inscribing that the rosette iron set was manufactured there. For donor biography see description for 021.10.01.


cooking, device, housewares, kitchen


Burden, Laura

Date of Object:

ca. 1940s - 1950s

Accession #:



a) 24cm L X 13.6cm W, b) 22.9cm L X 2.4cm W, c) 6.8cm L X 6.7cm W, d) 8.1cm L X 3.4cm W, e) 8.1cm L X 4.9cm W

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