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Folklife Interview Guide

Folklife Interview Guide

The Folklife Interview Guide was created to take you through the steps of properly recording and documenting the lived experiences of tradition-bearers.

Tradition-bearers are those relatives and community members who safeguard the knowledge, customs, and skills that have been passed on through generations by word of mouth or family custom. Such as, if your family bakes bread a certain way, or has unique ways of celebrating holidays, these kinds of traditions and customs are passed from older to younger generations. Personal experience narratives like this help with the passing of traditions. Especially in the world many Canadians live in, with great distance from relatives.

Interviewers are encouraged to audio or video record their interviews and create written transcripts to ensure their longevity as a resource for future generations and communities.

The Pemberton & District Museum & Archives collects stories, biographies, photographs and written records pertaining to Pemberton & District families. If you use this Guide please consider donating your research to the Pemberton Museum for future relatives to discover and explore.