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arn cabin construction july- oct

Arn Cabin Construction Progress July-Oct

Progress  on the Cabin continued this month and roofing tiles were installed.  The upper sides of the building were sheathed in cedar shake  (real ones) which really dress up the old building.  The crew have been working on some interior details like the stairs and installation of the old windows.  The old windows were not a typical window installation and required some good old fashioned jimmy rigging to get them into the newly revived building.  The crew has done a fine job respecting the character defining elements of the old cabin while ensuring it is a safe and strong building for the museum’s future use, which will include providing public access.

Thanks to McLeod Building Works for making this project come to life.  Special thanks to Ian McLeod and Dwayne Dick for providing the peeled poles for the roof.  Thanks to Ian for all the milled timber. 

This project is made possible thanks to funding from Heritage Canada, Heritage BC and the Province of BC, Squamish Lillooet Regional District, Village of Pemberton, the Enabling Accessibility Fund, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation, Pemberton Women’s Institute and the Citizens of Pemberton.

To Watch the Progress click HERE

Arn Cabin

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