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Lil'wat Fleet of Foot- First Trails

Lil'wat Fleet of Foot- First Trails


On August 11th, 2015 we had Randy Bouchard, Dorothy Kennedy and Johnny Jones at the Museum. Randy Bouchard, Dorothy Kennedy and Johnny Jones' presented on the Lil'wat Nation's first trails. One of the themes in the museum’s collection mandate is “Those who were here first” and to provide accurate information about the First Trails in the area that eventually led to modern transportation routes we asked for some help from some experts.  The “First Trails” exhibit panel we created for the Transportation Exhibit used the local expertise of Johnny Jones and the Lil’wat Lands & Resource department.  We also had help from anthropologists Randy Bouchard and Dorothy Kennedy who generously donated their time to review and proof the information we gathered.

We are very grateful  Randy & Dorothy were available to present their knowledge about First Trails based on their ethnographic research in the area and their book titled The Lil’wat World of Charlie Mack – which is also for sale at the museum for $25.  For over four decades, including two decades devoted intensively to ethnographic and linguistic fieldwork in First Nations’ communities, Bouchard and Kennedy have specialized in full-time anthropological and historical research relating to the Aboriginal cultures of British Columbia, Washington State and, more recently, Alberta and the Yukon.  They have co-authored hundreds of reports and publications relating to the ethnography and ethno history of Aboriginal peoples.   We’re also grateful for the assistance of Johnny Jones who is a cultural resource technician with Lil’wat Nation and has spent his lifetime walking and studying Lil’wat traditional lands.  Johnny Jones is a regular contributor to the museum and helps us source hard to find information whenever we request it.

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