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Santa's Visit

Santa's Visit

Well, the old boy finally showed up again after a five year absence.  A crowded Soo building  was waiting for him when he made his grand entrance and what a happy crowd they were.  He was a bit late because his helpers were out delivering food bank packages to needy folks so they could have a Merry Christmas too. Thanks to Raye Shier for plowing out the grounds  so that our guests could get to Santa.  And thanks to Shirley Henry, Georgena Erickson and Bev Blundell for decorating, cooking the hot dogs and serving the hot chocolate.  Dave Steers took a lot of pictures and gave us the first four below.  The rest of the shots were taken by Santa's helpers.

Thanks to our Sponsors, AG Foods and Pemberton Valley Supermarket for donating the hot dogs and fixings. 145 kids and parents came out to enjoy the fire, food and friendship.  Santa arrived by rescue truck  and over 60 happy children sat on his lap and had a brief chat with him. It was a great day, with just enough snow to make it feel special and a great fire for roasting wieners and marshmallows.    Unused hot dogs and fixings were donated to the food bank. We’ll see you again, next year.