Pemberton Museum Events & Programs

Events & Programs

Throughout our COVID-19 closure we will be adding new content to our website weekly.  Sign up for the Newsletter to keep up with historical happenings.  Watch this page for more activites. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Click the link to see the image and to find out what to look for.  Zoom in on the image to get a closer look!

Barney House Easy 1              Shantz House Easy 1                Sam Jim Easy1                                                                       
Barney House Easy 2  Shantz House Intermediate 1 Sam Jim House Intermediate 1   
Barney House Intermediate 1 Shantz House Difficult 1 Sam Jim House Difficult 1   
Barney House Intermediate 2 Shantz House Easy 2 Sam Jim House Easy 2  
Barney House Difficult 1 Shantz House Intermediate 2 Sam Jim House Intermediate  
Barney House Difficult 2 Shantz House Difficult 2 Sam Jim House 2 Difficult  

Colouring Sheets

Inside Shantz House - Bedroom

Outside Shantz House

Activity Sheets for Kids

Logger Farmer Tools  - Can you match each tool to its owner?

What am I? - Can you figure out what these historic objects are?

Pioneer Pursuit - Can you figure out the clues?  What are these things?  What were they used for?

Pioneer Wordsearch - K Level

Pioneer Wordsearch - Gr. 3

Pioneer Wordsearch - Gr. 5

Pemberton Quiz

Learn about local history and have fun doing it. 

Try the the Pemberton Quiz

Print and fold and play with friends and family [hint: Pemberton's 60th Anniversary was in 2016]

Pemberton Crossword

History can be puzzling and this activity proves it. 



Tea & Tales

See the Video Archives for 11 seasons of Tea & Tales

July 9.3

Young girl at Pemberton Museum Tea and Tales

Tea & Tales Stuff

Tea & Tales 2009 - read notes from Shirley Henry's presentation on Pemberton Town Development 1950-2004.

Tea & Tales 2008- watch a short video of Gus Zurcher's Pioneer Memories.

Watch more videos in our video gallery.

See our Collection Online


Darcy Train


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