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W.I. Group

W.I. Group


Pemberton W.I. members on the front steps at Gladys & E.O. Ronayne house. From back - F. Decker, B. Purden, ?, Mrs. Green, M. Ronayne, ?, D. Van Beem, J. McEwan, B. Miller, G. Ronayne, R. Hellevang with son Chris, S. Ross, G. Guthrie, ?, ?, E. Miller, R. Cooper, I Miller, S. Desrosiers, L. Miller, R. Ronayne, J. Miller.


Names from Mary Gilmore from back - Frances Decker, Sally Purden, Molly Ronayne?, Mrs. Green, Maude Ronayne, Marjory Gimse?, Doris VanBeem, Phemie Menzel or Betty Auburn?, Jean McEwan, Winnie Fowler, Gladys Ronayne, Ruth and Chris (baby) Hellevang, Vivien Lokken, Gay Guthrie, Betty Purden with baby, Sidsel Ross, Bertha Miller, Gail Summerskill, Elsie Miller, Mrs. Cooper. Children: Ida Miller, Sharon Derosier, Linda Miller, Rosemary Ronayne, Janet Miller.


women's institute, W.I., women's group


Women's Institute

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ca 1950

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