Valleau, Rick

Motorola walkie-talkie

Motorola walkie-talkie

Motorola walkie-talkie


Motorola "Handie - Talkie" FM radio phone that was used by Valleau logging in the 1980s- 1990s. Orange label affixed reads "166.14/2100' also "do not adjust controls". Item is a rectangular in shape with an on/off icon + two turning knobs marked "A"+"S". The bottom compartment snaps off and would have held the battery. Two wires extend from the bottom. There are two radio jacks and one antenna and wires. This type of unit greatly improved communication between the yarder operator and the men on the ground, improving safety and productivity at work. See accession # 014.26.01 for history.


radio walkie-talkie, communication


Valleau, Rick

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7 cm L x 27 cm W x 16 cm H

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