Valleau, Rick

Electro Bugs

Electro Bugs

Electro Bugs


Three "Electro Bugs" manufactured by Challenger Electronics in Vancouver BC. These are large stainless steel whistle control boxes that are curved and affixed to a belt, worn by men involved in grapple yarding or steel spar skyline operations. Two of these belts (b,c) are older in design than a) and b,c were considered more difficult to use. All whistle systems use a dual button or trigger system to ensure the whistle is not activated by accident. This system was used by the Valleau logging to improve communication technology, productivity and work place safety. See accession # 014.26.01 for history.


safety equipment, communication


Valleau, Rick

Date of Object:

ca. 1980s- 1990s

Accession #:



131 cm L x 5 cm W x 4 H

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