Ritchie, Patty and Len

Wooden Picture Frame & Photographs

Wooden Picture Frame & Two Photos

Wooden Picture Frame & Two Photos


a) this is a wooden picture frame with decorative black pearling around the inner edge. It has a darker stain around the outside rim and a wire along the back for hanging. b) this is a photograph of a young girl standing by herself, the photo is a sepia toned colour and she has no expression c) this is a photograph of a couple posing together, the man sitting looking into the camera and the woman positioned silghtly above looking down at him. The photo is a handpainted black and white portrait but there is a faint blueish tint due to sun exposure. The photo appears to be an engagement or wedding photo due to the gold wedding bands in the image. d) this is a concave clear glass covering for the picture frame.


photograph, interior, decoration, household, frame


Len Ritchie

Date of Object:

ca. 1900

Accession #:



a) 57cm L x 42cm W x 2cm H b) 54.5 cm L x 40cm W c) 49.5cm L x 33.5 cm W d) 50cm L x 34.5cm W

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