Pierre, Ray

Knife Blade and Nails

Knife Blade and Nails

Knife Blade and Nails


This image is of the knife. These items were found on the site of the old halfway house about two months after it burned, (April 26, 1963). One rusted knife blade. Six rusted nails that are hand made, they are square shaped. Also see accession number 983.17.01.


knife and nails, tools - domestic


Pierre, Ray

Date of Object:

ca. 1860-1870

Accession #:



a) 31 cm L x 5 cm W x .5 cm H, b)-d) 8.5 cm L x .5 cm W x .5 cm H, e) 8.5 cm L, f) 6 cm L, g) 5.5 cm L

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