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floor wax can

Simoniz Floor Wax Can

Simoniz Floor Wax Can


A can of non scruff floor wax. On the front of the can it reads " SAVE! 15¢ OFF REGULAR PRICE YOU PAY PRICE MARKED"; "Non-Scuff floor wax self polishing COLOUR-TRUE WON'T YELLOW"; "SIMONIZ MAKES IT". On the front there is also an illustration of a boy and an girl washing a dog. The reverse is the French translation. One side of the can it reads "FOR ALL FLOORS LINOLEUM, ASPHALT, RUBBER, VINYL TILE, FINISHED WOOD TERRAZZO"; "SIMONIZ NON-SCUFF FLOOR WAX NOW CONTAINS CRYSTAL CLEAR VINYL. VINYL in new Simoniz Non-Scuff Floor Wax gives the toughest, glossiest shine. BEAUTIFUL LASTING. children may romp, track, and spill on your floors. Vinyl means complete protection. DAMP MOPPING won't remove the shine. Simoniz Non-Scuff Floor Wax is water repellent.";"DIRECTIONS: First, wash floor. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. When floor is dry apply wax. Pour small amount on floor. Use clean cloth or applicator to spread toughly. That's all-it dries to a shine! No rubbing, no buffing! New Simoniz Floor Wax is self poiishing and will not yellow."; "Non-Inflammable, Keep from Freezing"; "NET CONTENTS 40 FLUID OUNCES". The French translation is on the other side. There is writing on the top of the can but it is too rusted to make out. The item was found on the Perkins brothers lot.


household equipment


Perkins, Ola

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11 cm L x 6 cm W x 19.5 cm H

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