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bag of coupons

Bag of Coupons

Bag of Coupons


A plastic bag full of coupons and box ends. a) is seven box ends for "MONARCH MARGARINE". b) is 12 cut up box tops for Kellogg's cereal most likely corn flakes. c) 12 box ends for "Blue Bonnet" margarine". d) eight box ends for solo margarine. e) two coupons that have an illustration of a rose and say "Save this valuable ALL SWEET ROSE TOKEN". f) two box ends for "CP Margene". g) three large black and white coupons from Blue Bonnet. h) one small red coupon from "NABOB FOODS". The items were found on the Perkins brothers lot.


household equipment, kitchen


Perkins, Ola

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"a) 13 cm L x 35 cm W b) 6.5 cm L x4.5 cm W c) 13 cm L x 3 cm W d) 13 cm L x 4 cm W e) 8 cm L x 5 cm W f) 7.5 cm L x 7 cm W g) 24.5 cm L x 12 cm W h) 6 cm L x 4.5 cm W "

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